The Action Affluence Formula

The Action Affluence Formula

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The Action Affluence FormulaUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

When an Affluence exists based on a statistic measuring one's actions, and disrelated to finance, this is the formula to apply.

1. Economize on needless or dispersed actions that did not contribute to the present condition. Economize financially by knocking off all waste.

2. Make every action count and don't engage in any useless actions. Every new action to contribute and be of the same kind as did contribute.

3. Consolidate all gains. Any place we have gotten a gain, we keep it. Don't let things relax or go downhill or roller coaster. Any advantage or gain we have, keep it, maintain it.

4. Discover for yourself what caused the Condition of Affluence in your immediate area and strengthen it.