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Richter's Services

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Richter's ServicesThe Richter Sales Orientation
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As a note on what we sell, it’s important to focus on our vision and goals as a company. We sell revenue and growth for our clients so we become mission critical to their company and future. Always sell with this in clear sight and from that viewpoint. We never, ever want to be hawking products and chasing commissions. We’re here to help and we take pride in what we do.


In this course, you'll study each service Richter offers, including an overview, proposal and the promotional materials for each. These are the tools of your trade. Watch and read all of them thoroughly - you're learning what you're going to sell.

How well do you need to know the product you’re selling? You need to know it cold. Your knowledge must include every aspect of its benefit and delivery, inside and out, in order to be conversant with the subject and confident in communicating about it. 

-- Robert Cornish, CEO