Power Change

Power Change

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Power ChangeUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

There are only two circumstances which require replacement, the very successful one or the very unsuccessful one. What a song it is to inherit a successful pair of boots; there is nothing to it; just step in the boots and don’t bother to walk. If it was in a normal state of operation, which it normally would have been in for anybody to have been promoted out of it, you just don’t change anything.

So anybody wants anything signed that your predecessor didn’t sign, don’t sign it. Keep your eyes open, learn the ropes and, depending on how big the organization is, after a certain time, why, see how it is running and run it as normal operating condition if it’s not in anything but a normal operating condition. Go through the exact same routine of every day that your predecessor went through; sign nothing that he wouldn’t sign; don’t change a single order; look through the papers that had been issued at that period of time—these are the orders that are extant—and get as busy as the devil just enforcing those orders and your operation will increase and increase.

Now, the fellow who walks into the boots of somebody who has left in disgrace—the post is in a condition of Emergency, its statistics have gone to hell causing the boss to be fired—all he has to do when he inherits one in Emergency is just apply the State of Emergency Formula to it, which is immediately promote!