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Our Technology

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Our TechnologyThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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The very first thing expected of you when starting at Richter10.2 is to become totally familiar with the know-how of your post. This means a conceptual understanding of all relevant information and how it relates to your products, as well as how that translates into real world application.

This is an absolute must.

The simplicity is that through years of hard work and getting results (and sometimes not getting results) every way imaginable, we have written down what works and thrown out what doesn’t. A method or operating basis only makes it into our body of knowledge as a company if it is simple and gets results every time.

The idea is not to robotically follow policies in a way that takes the life and creativity out of your day-to-day work. The hatting process is meant to empower you so you don’t have to come up with new or unusual solutions and can keep the show on the road.

If you are working for Richter, we consider you extremely capable and on board with us fully. Your abilities should be aimed at a professional and artful application of the technology exactly as it’s laid out in your training, rather than reinventing the wheel every day.