Our Operating Basis

Our Operating Basis

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Our Operating BasisThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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Through real world, trial and error experience we have discovered the most workable operating basis for every aspect of how we do our work as a company and are now creating clear written policy defining that exact, most workable operating basis.

We have learned through experience that we must stick to our exact way of doing things as laid out in company policy and not allow any deviation in a misguided attempt to please our clients.

Here is an example of how this happens. The client is not totally clear on the reasons why we are so successful at what we do and what they actually need in order to attain the goal of getting real quality Reaches. They suggest various courses of action that deviate from what we know to be workable, demanding specifically that we do what they ask. When we deviate from what we know to be successful, the outcome inevitably ends up with us not hitting the actual targets that we’ve agreed to hit. We’re not happy and the client’s not happy, even to the point of wanting to cancel our services.

The above scenario is what any deviation from what we standardly deliver and our standard operating basis results in. Do not let the client run the show and do not deviate off of our standard operating basis.

Follow our policy - refer to it as needed to clear up any confusions. Stick to our operating basis which we know works and know we will get the product that we’ve promised our client.

The reason clients hire us is because we know what we are doing. We have certainty that we can help them and we have statistics to prove our success. Always do what we do and never do something else.


Always hold your position with any client requesting something outside of what we standardly deliver and know to be workable. Politely and patiently educate the client to explain why we are going to do it our way and how it is going to attain the goal they are going after. This requires good control on our part and good communication and confront skills but it will result in a successful outcome and a happy client. Exhaustive real world experience has shown us that if we deviate and allow the client to “call the shots” we will lose and the client will be unhappy with the results.

What we care about as a company is getting the product we have promised to our client. We know what works and we have seen over and over that doing the job exactly as outlined in Richter policy is the only operating basis that will work without fail, every time. Deviations cause flaps and cost money and unneeded extra work for the entire organization. Stick to our operating basis and we will always have happy clients, expansion and a guaranteed future.