Our Flagship Service: Strategic Relations

Our Flagship Service: Strategic Relations

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Our Flagship Service: Strategic RelationsThe Richter Sales Orientation
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Richter's services are best understood by first grasping our flagship service, Strategic Relations.

Strategic Relations is a method of creating new business relationships for our clients, based on an analysis of their most successful successful customers. Specifically, it involves four key parts:

1. Research

Collecting information about our client's best clients, then performing an analysis of this data to find common denominators. When compiled, these common denominators form a profile of our client's target public. These are the exact people they want to be talking to who are likely to develop into long-term customers based on prior success as opposed to guesswork.

2. Assets

Building the creative assets that will communicate the client’s offering specifically to the target public in a way that creates a desire to reach for that product or service.

3. Messaging

Crafting the messaging used to gain the target public’s attention, interest and reach so they enter the sales cycle.

4. Communication

Assigning a Strategic Relations Account Representative who will work on our client’s behalf to develop exact relationships with the target public using the creative assets and messaging.

At its core, Strategic Relations is simple and new salespeople have a great tendency to overcomplicate it. However, one could sum up the entire activity in a few words: we find the perfect people to talk to, send them the perfect communication to engage them and once they're engaged, we assist our clients in closing them as a new customer.

Just because the core concepts are simple does not mean Strategic Relations is not incredibly powerful. Each of the four steps above has a wealth of experience and technology behind it, and a team of trained professionals to deliver it. The research is brilliant, the assets are incredibly effective and beautiful, the messaging cuts through the noise and our Account Reps are the best in the business.

The aim is for Strategic Relations to become mission critical to each client’s operation as it relates to revenue growth. It is a proprietary service that is not offered by anyone else, anywhere in the world. It is categorically not "lead generation," though people will try to compare the two. It is surgical, meaning a Richter Account Rep does not just send spam out across the world hoping someone sees it (lead generation). They are sending precisely crafted messages, videos, etc. to a very specific set of people. 

There may only be 500 people on Earth who are truly a part of a company's target public, however time spent developing relationships with those people will prove more valuable than any amount spent on promoting to the masses.