Normal Operation

Normal Operation

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Normal OperationUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

1. Don’t change anything. 

The way you maintain an increase is when you are in a state of Normal Operation, you don’t change anything.

2. Ethics are very mild, the justice factor is quite mild, there are no savage actions taken particularly.

3. Every time a statistic betters, look it over carefully and find out what bettered it. And then do that without abandoning what you were doing before. Those are the only changes you make.

4. Every time a statistic worsens slightly, quickly find out why and remedy it.

And you just jockey those two factors, the statistic bettering, the statistic worsening. You will find out, inevitably, some change has been made in that area where a statistic worsens. Some change has been made and you better get that change off the lines in a hurry. And when you find a statistic bettering, you better find out how it is bettering.