New Post Formula

New Post Formula

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New Post FormulaUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

Every new appointee to a post (position, job) begins in Non-Existence, whether obtained by new appointment, promotion or demotion.

He is normally under the delusion that now he is “THE __________” (new title). He tries to start off in a Power condition as he is usually very aware of his new status or even a former status. But in actual fact he is the only one aware of it. All others except perhaps the person who hired him are utterly unaware of him as having his new status.

Therefore he begins in a state of Non-Existence. And if he does not begin with the Non-Existence Formula as his guide, he will be using the wrong condition and will have all kinds of trouble.

The Non-Existence Formula is:

  1. Find a communication line.

  2. Make yourself known.

  3. Discover what is needed or wanted.

  4. Do, produce and/or present it.

A new appointee taking over a going concern often thinks he had better make himself known by changing everything, whereas he (a) is not well enough known to do so and (b) hasn’t any idea of what is needed or wanted yet. And so he makes havoc.

Sometimes he assumes he knows what is needed or wanted when it is only a fixed idea with him and is only his idea and not true at all and so he fails at his job.

Sometimes he doesn’t bother to find out what is really needed or wanted and simply assumes it or thinks he knows when he doesn’t. He soon becomes “unsuccessful.”

Now and then a new appointee is so “status happy” or so insecure or so shy that even when his boss or his staff comes to him and tells him what is needed or wanted he can’t or doesn’t even acknowledge and really does go into Non-Existence for keeps.

Sometimes he finds that what he is told is needed or wanted needs reappraisal or further investigation. So it is always safest for him to make his own survey of it and operate on it when he gets his own firm reality on what is needed or wanted.

If the formula is applied intelligently, the person can expect to get into a zone of bypass where people are still doing his job to fill the hole his predecessor may have left. This is a Danger condition—but it is the next one higher than Non-Existence on the scale. If he defends his job and does his job and applies the Danger Formula, he will come through it.

He can then expect to find himself in an Emergency Condition. In this he must follow the Emergency Formula with his post and he will come through it.

He can now expect to be in Normal Operation, and if he follows the formula of that, he will come to Affluence. And if he follows that formula, he will arrive at Power. And if he applies the Power Formula, he will stay there.

So it is a long way from Power that one starts his new appointment, and if he doesn’t go up the scale from where he really is at the start, he will of course fail.

This applies to groups, to organizations, to countries as well as individuals.

It also applies when a person fails at his job. He has to start again at Non-Existence and he will build up the same way condition by condition.

Most failures on post are occasioned by failures to follow the conditions and recognize them and apply the formula of the condition one is in when one is in it and cease to apply it when one is out of it and in another.

This is the secret of holding a post and being successful on a job or in life.