Methods of Internal Communication

Methods of Internal Communication

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Methods of Internal CommunicationThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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The following are methods and tools to communicate within our group on a daily basis. Follow this very strictly so we can keep to the ideal scene of a smooth and fast flow of communication that does not waste time or cause production to slow.


  • Email - if you have a question, query, data you need to send, meeting request or anything similar, email the person all of the information they need and make the subject line extremely clear so they can see what the email is regarding.

  • Skype - if it's something that needs a relatively immediate response, Skype the person to get an immediate answer back.

  • Phone - if you need an immediate response and it really cannot wait, call the person directly to ask your question or handle whatever needs to be handled. Keep calls short and specific. Have an exact agenda for what you need or want to handle and then wrap up the call.


  • Meetings - if you need to meet for some reason outside of the standard staff meeting, executive council meeting, financial planning meeting or management muster meeting, you need to actually schedule some time to meet by requesting an appointment with that person that is dedicated to the meeting with an exact agenda for what needs to be addressed. Otherwise, meetings are not justified.

  • Random Interruptions - It’s not acceptable to just interrupt people who are on post and producing for a quick question or a quick meeting. It takes them off their task and makes it difficult to get back to producing. We only have so much time in the day to produce and these little innocent interruptions severely hurt production even though they aren't meant to. So use one of the above forms of communication ONLY. This will really help all of us attain our overall goals as a company.

  • Copying on Emails - only copy someone on an email if it specifically relates to them and they have some involvement in what is being discussed. If the communication is between you and another person only - do not copy someone just because you think they need to be copied. It adds too much email traffic if it's not absolutely necessary.

Using this policy will help all of us get our jobs done and attain the goals of the company. It’s also important that all of us ensure we use this policy and get others to as well. If someone isn't applying this, simply direct them to this reference to have them apply it. We are all busy and time is valuable so these methods of communication will help all of us create more time so we can get the show on the road and keep it there.