Live Video Pricing

Live Video Pricing

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Live Video PricingThe Richter Sales Orientation
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The Richter Productions live shoot pricing and production process is simple and allows us to tailor production to any client's needs:

1. We provide four tiers of video production, as well as a la carte options that can be added to any tier.

2. Every Richter Productions shoot, no matter the tier, will result in a completed video of up to two minutes in length. This includes scripting, voiceover, shooting, editing and animation. 

3. A client can create as many additional completed videos from their shoot as they like by purchasing additional editing.

4. Videos that will be used for broadcast on television require custom quoting as they involve licensing that is not covered below.

Tier 1: $12,000

Cameras: 1

Crew: 1

Locations: Up to 2

Shoot Days: 1

An all-inclusive live video production, including creative consulting, scripting, a Richterian shooting on-site, editing and 2D animation of the final video.

Depending on the project, a client may also wish to add popular a la carte options such as drone footage, or an additional videographer on site.

Tier 2: $19,500

Cameras: 2

Crew: 2

Locations: Up to 3

Shoot Days: Up to 2

Everything you get with a tier 1 video shoot, with an additional crew member and camera on site and more time to shoot. Perfect for maximizing the value of each shoot, tier 2 allows for an additional angle in interviews and the capture of more B-roll.

Tier 3: $45,000

Cameras: 2

Crew: 3

Actors: Up to 2

Locations: Up to 4

Shoot Days: Up to 3

A tier 3 shoot includes all elements of tier 2, with the addition of acting talent and an extra crew member. With even more shooting time and locations in hand, a tier 3 video is a chance to tell a compelling narrative story.

Tier 4: $80,000+

Cameras: 2

Crew: 4

Actors: Up to 3

Locations: Up to 5

Shoot Days: Up to 4

On a tier 4 video shoot, Richter is shooting a totally customized short film for your company. We will coordinate every step, from scripting to location scouting, direction and post-production, to ensure an end product that your brand will be truly proud of.


In the process of a live shoot, more footage will be captured that can possibly be used in a single video. Knowing this, our clients end up gaining the most possible value from their shoots by planning on the creation of many videos using footage from one shoot.

Each tier of video purchased includes a completed video of up to 2 minutes in length. To create more videos from their footage, additional minutes of edited video can be purchased. 

This includes all editing, color grading and animation required for a totally completed product.

Additional Minute of Completed Video

Tier 1   $2,000

Tier 2   $2,000

Tier 3   $2,500

Tier 4   $2,500

A la carte options

The following services and equipment can be added a la carte to any Richter Productions shoot. All prices are per shoot day:

Shoot Elements

Additional Shoot Day

  • Tier 1      $3,000

  • Tier 2      $3,500

  • Tier 3      $4,500

  • Tier 4      $6,500

Additional Shoot Location: $200/day

Final Release of all RAW footage: $100


Additional Camera: $200/day

Drone: $500/day


Additional Crew (Tier 2 and above): $650/day

Makeup Artist: $650/day

Actor (Tier 2 and above): $650/day