Keeping Richter Working

Keeping Richter Working

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Keeping Richter WorkingThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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At Richter we have developed a specific technology, an exact way of doing things which is based on real world experience of what works and what doesn’t. We are strong proponents of successful actions, and we focus on statistics that measure actual production.

Our philosophy is based on speed, professionalism and delivering products and services that are intrinsically even more valuable than what our clients have paid us.

Our success lies in our ability to have strong, agreed-upon, and closely followed policies and systems that we apply precisely toward the attainment of our basic Goal and Purpose. When an individual deviates from our systems, operations or policies, it creates unnecessary confusion, trouble and complication, making it harder for everyone, including that individual, to do their job effectively.

The philosophy here is not to make our environment overly stringent or serious, or to suppress creative thought, but rather to stick to what works for our organization and what has proven to be successful and what will avoid internal pitfalls. We encourage and nurture creative thought, smart people and swift execution but have learned that sticking to what has won in the past and what is within our policies must not be deviated from, altered or changed in any way.

These are our systems, our proprietary formulas for success and if applied exactly, they WILL result in success for you and the organization. We have spent years developing these successful methods based on real world successes (and mistakes) so we know with complete certainty what works and what doesn’t.

By knowing the policies of our organization and thoroughly and consistently applying them, you are helping the group and yourself. If you’re ever uncertain what the correct solution is to a specific problem or task you’re facing, take the time to look it up and read the relevant reference in full and then apply the correct solution. Policies are here to help you and the organization grow. Don’t guess at what to do if you’re not certain.

Yes, be decisive and take action that will move the group forward today and ensure our growth - but don’t try to alter or come up with new policies because there is a very good chance that it will end up creating a problem or flap for the company and therefore hurt your statistics and the company overall.

The three key areas within our company are:

  1. Standard Sales

  2. Standard Delivery

  3. Standard Management

“Standard” means the exact way we do something as laid out in our written policies, the exact methods and procedures we have developed to handle all aspects of our work. The policies we have created represent the standard operating basis for our company. 

There are only two possible conditions for operating: standard (exactly per written policy) or non-standard (anything else).

We expect every area to run standardly which is why our policies exist. Standard sales, delivery and management are the shortest and best paths to growth and success for our company. As we grow, we will continue to create additional policies for our sales, delivery and management units, which in turn will create the continued growth of our company toward our ideal scene.

If you feel that there is any area or topic not covered by policy or for which policy needs to be created, write up a suggestion and send it to your senior, so it can be reviewed and created if needed.

Our group will flourish to the degree that we have agreement on systematic ways of operating toward the attainment of our Goal and our Basic Purpose. You are the key to making this happen by knowing and applying our policies and procedures expertly. Know and execute them and everyone will win.