Introductory Video Pricing

Introductory Video Pricing

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Introductory Video PricingThe Richter Sales Orientation
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No matter the style, videos at Richter are priced based on their length. 

A client pays in increments of 30 seconds. There is also such a thing as a 15-second video, called a "micro-ad". Other than that, the 30 second increments remain. A 1:35 second video would cost the same as one that ends up being 1:48, and so on. Once it is longer than 2:00, its price would increase.


One way we determine how long a video will be is by the number of words in the script. From long experience, the following is the optimal number of words delivered by a voiceover artist in a given amount of time.  

Richter scripts are 140 words per minute of video. This number of words per minute is not negotiable. 

Extrapolating that out into some examples:

  • 15 second video (micro-ad): 35 words

  • 30 second video: 70 words

  • 1 minute video: 140 words

  • 2 minute video: 280 words

You will be asked by prospects to change this ratio of words per minute. The answer is always no. 

Unusual solutions like cramming in more words by "reading faster", or adding extraneous text on screen to add more information in the video degrade the quality of the video's communication. It simply wouldn't be a Richter video. 

Solutions to this issue are to streamline the script or to simply make a longer video, priced accordingly. Another good solution is to break up the message the client wants to convey into multiple videos.


This is the only pricing we offer for animated video, whether a client wants standard 2D animation, a text on screen video, a whiteboard video or a combination of all three.

Video Ads

  • 0:15 video (micro-ad): $2,500

  • 0:30 video: $2,900

Animated Videos

  • 1:00 video: $5,000

  • 1:30 video: $6,000

  • 2:00 video: $7,000

  • 2:30 video: $8,000

If a client wants a longer video, the fee is $1,000 per additional 30 seconds, rounded up to the nearest 30 second mark. This means a video that is 2:40 is the same price ($9,000) as a video that is 2:59.


$1,250 to translate each video up to two minutes in length. 

This will include translation of the video script, recording the voiceover, translation of any on screen text and adding the new voiceover recording to the video. Additional minutes of translation will be $625 per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute.


Pricing live shoots is done per the Richter Productions pricing model, and is therefore a little different to animated video. 

For a live shoot, there are two elements to consider: the actual shoot, and then the video or videos that will be made from that footage. 

To simplify all this, Richter Productions live shoot pricing is broken down into four tiers, which are covered in detail in the next article. 


This is the only pricing for introductory videos, including packages of videos. A discount of up to 10% of the gross price may be given. No other discounts are acceptable. Please don’t ask. 

Price is never, ever the reason why a client won’t buy. 

We have specific objection handlings for price. Know them cold and you will make better commissions and the value of what we deliver will remain intact. The help we give our clients is incredibly valuable, far in excess of the prices we charge. Be sure of that value yourself and you will have no problem selling the client on that value.


A major aspect of working with Richter is how simple we make things, both in terms of the process and in terms of how well the finished product works for the client. 

Our introductory video services are the first experience many of our clients have with Richter. Their experience, including the initial sale, should showcase to them how simple and effective working with us is. Our pricing structure reflects that simplicity and workability. It’s therefore vital not to deviate from the pricing structure as it’s written here.