If the Internet Goes Down

If the Internet Goes Down

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If the Internet Goes DownThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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Since we operate almost all of our business on the internet, an internet outage hurts our productivity.

Here are the actions that you are to spend your time on if and when the internet goes down:

  1. Make client calls that need to be made.

  2. Create battle plans, review battle plans.

  3. Work on offline documents that need to get done.

  4. Go to a local hotspot with WIFI to use the internet until our offices are back online.

  5. Select one person to handle the Internet problem until done.

Whatever you do, any items above or anything else, it is to be productive and business related.

Do not hang around or just wait until the Internet is back up. This is not an acceptable solution. Clients pay us daily, weekly and monthly which means we are always on the clock. Our job is to be productive regardless of the situation and continue working.