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HatsThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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At Richter, you will hear the term "hat" used often. It has three meanings:

  1. A position in the organization; a job. From the concept of different professions wearing different hats to designate who they are. Joe’s hat is “Salesman”.

  2. To teach someone or give them information on how best to get results on their job. In essence, to “put the hat on their head” by giving someone the data they need to function as a particular position. We need to hat Joe on how to sell. Sally was given hatting on how to handle an upset client.

  3. A folder or packet containing all the necessary information to hold a particular position. Its study would represent all the knowledge needed to work as someone in that position in the company. Also called a Hat Pack. Please look in your hat to find the policy on what to do.

Another common phase is "wear one's hat". This simply means to hold a position in the company and function as it. For instance, you could say to someone who isn't doing their job, "Wear your hat!"

This course represents your "Basic Employee Hat" (definition 3) because once studied and known, you will be able to "wear your hat" as a Richter employee. Once you've completed this course, you will be given training for the specific function you've been hired to perform in the form of a "hat" for that position. An example is the course called, "Intro Video Sales Hat".

Every employee must complete their hat in order to be considered qualified. Once you have completed your hat, it is a tool that you can refer to daily in order to answer questions and help you perform your tasks at hand.

Know your hat cold and you will always do well here.