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EmergencyUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

1. Promote. 

That applies to an organization. To an individual you had better say “produce.” That’s the first action regardless of any other action, regardless of anything else, that is the first thing you have to put their attention on.

Exactly what is promotion? Well, look it up in the dictionary. It is making things known; it is getting things out; it is getting oneself known, getting one’s products out.

2. Change your operating basis. 

If for instance you went into a condition of Emergency and then you didn’t change after you had promoted, you didn’t make any changes in your operation, well you just head for another condition of Emergency. 

So that has to be part of it; you had better change your operating basis; you had better do something to change the operating basis, because that operating basis led you into an emergency so you sure better change it.

3. Economize.

4. Then prepare to deliver.

5. Part of the condition of Emergency contains this little line— “you have got to stiffen discipline” or “you have got to stiffen ethics.”

To an individual, this would simply mean not go down to the pub every Friday night. Stiffen up the discipline. Stay home and burn the midnight oil, do one’s homework, etc. Be a little more regular on the job, work a little harder, don’t goof quite so much, don’t make so many mistakes. All of this would be part of stiffening discipline.

Organizationally when a State of Emergency is assigned, supposing the activity doesn’t come out of that emergency, regardless of what caused the emergency, supposing the activity just doesn’t come out of the emergency, in spite of the fact they have been labeled a State of Emergency; they have been directed to “follow the formula,” they have been told to “snap and pop” and get that thing straightened out, and they are still found to be goofing; the statistic is going down and continues to go down; what do you do? 

There is only one thing left to do and that is discipline, because life itself is going to discipline the individual.

So the rule of the game is that if a State of Emergency is ignored and the steps are not taken successfully (“not taken successfully” is different than “not taken”), then you get an announcement after a while that the condition has been continued, and if the condition is continued beyond a specified period of time, why that’s it; it has to walk forward into an ethics matter.