Divisions, Departments and Sections

Divisions, Departments and Sections

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Divisions, Departments and SectionsThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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The Org Board is divided into 7 main sections, called “Divisions”. Each division represents a major function or activity within our company. Each division is then further divided into three Departments that represent the major activities of the Division. Departments can be further divided into Sections for specific activities.

The CEO is responsible for the entire company and so is shown “over” all 7 divisions. The Chief Administration Officer is responsible for divisions 1, 2 and 3, while the Chief Operating Officer is over divisions 4, 5 and 6. Moving down from there, each Division, Department and section can have an “In-Charge” or “I/C” that runs that area, or these positions can be “held from above” (marked as “HFA”) by someone higher on the Org Board.

From there, the individual employees of Richter can be found on the Org Board in the divisions corresponding to their activities. For example, the Finance Director can be found in the Finance Division (Division 3).

Using this method of plotting the employees of Richter, you can see that the Org Board can scale to show as little as a few people or up to an almost unlimited number of staff. In the image above, some (not all) jobs at Richter have been plotted in their correct Division, so you can get an idea of how this works.

On the Org Board the Divisions are listed left to right in the following order:

Division 7 - Executive

The Executive Division is responsible for establishing, administering and safeguarding our company. While these posts can also be seen drawn above multiple divisions to delineate their areas of responsibility, the Executive Division is where the President, CEO and all “C-level” executives reside. It also handles all legal responsibilities for Richter.

Division 1 - Communications

The three Departments in the Communications Division are “Personnel”, “Communications” and “Inspections and Reports”.

  • The Personnel department handles all matters related to Personnel, such as hiring and placing of employees in our company.

  • The Communications area handles all communications moving in, out or through Richter and ensures they are routed smoothly and quickly.

  • “Inspections and Reports” means just that; the staff in this area use inspection and reporting of what they see to ensure our staff are doing well and things are running smoothly. It’s in this area of the company that any needed staff correction would occur.

Division 2 - Marketing and Sales

The three Departments in the Marketing and Sales Division are “Promotion and Marketing”, “Publications” and “Sales”.

  • The Promotion and Marketing Department handles the creation and distribution of all promotional materials going out from Richter such as emails, printed mail and online marketing.

  • The Publications area takes care of our publications, such as our newsletters and any advertising.

  • The Sales area in Division 2 handles the sales of Richter’s core services.

Division 3 - Finance and Treasury

The three Departments in the Finance and Treasury Division are “Income”, “Disbursements” and “Records, Assets and Material”.

  • The Income Department collects and processes all money coming into the company.

  • The Disbursements Department then does all financial planning and spending of Richter’s money, ensuring all bills and staff are paid correctly and promptly.

  • The Records, Assets and Material Department is responsible for keeping record of all the property Richter owns, as well as purchasing the equipment we need to deliver our services. It ensures intelligent investment of our resources.

Division 4 - Production

The Production Division is where much of the staff at Richter will find themselves on the Org Board, as this is where all delivery of all services occurs.

As we have two core areas of delivery for video and Strategic Relations that have their own, independent teams, we have Division 4a and Division 4b. The Production Departments of both Division 4a and 4b are where all of our delivery gets done.

Division 5 - Qualifications

The Qualifications division is where our company does quality control and corrects itself wherever things aren’t right. This is also where all staff improvement and training happens. As such, the Departments are “Validity”, “Personnel Enhancement” and “Correction”.

  • Validity checks to ensure each and every product delivered is up to Richter’s standard.

  • Personnel Enhancement is where all staff training and improvement occurs, while Corrections handles any correction of staff who are having trouble or who are not correctly applying Richter policy.

Division 6 - Public

The Public Division has the responsibility of promoting to and delivering introductory services to what is called “raw public”, or those who are hearing of and dealing with Richter for the first time. The departments are “Outreach”, “Public Sales” and “Public Relations”.

  • Outreach is responsible for new market research and making Richter known to new potential clients. Once they’ve informed a new person of our services and they’re interested, they are forwarded over to Public Sales.

  • The Public Sales Department then introduces the new person to and sells them on an introductory service, such as an introductory video. This is different to the sales team in Division 2, who would only deal with those clients interested in Richter’s full PRIME or video strategy services.

  • The final Department is Public Relations. This is where Richter’s completed works and products are made well-known to the community to enhance our company’s PR.