Discovery Call Script

Discovery Call Script

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Discovery Call ScriptHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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“Hi Name -

Thanks for setting aside some time to speak. I appreciate it.

Do you already have something in mind for your video project? 

[let them answer and pay close attention to what is said while acknowledging as you go]

Ok got it.

Let me walk you though who we are and our process.

Most of the companies that come to us do so because they need help with their communication strategy as it relates to sales and revenue.

There’s a million companies that produce video but we focus on first understanding the target public, so the person viewing the video, to really look from their viewpoint and write a communication that impinges with them to make them want to reach and second, we obsess over the communication that forms the message that gets the target public to reach.

So that’s our niche - we’re focused on the target public and communication that leads to reach (an urge to call or email or take action) to help move the needle on sales and revenue growth.

Anyone can create a video, but writing is critical to nail the communication and it’s the difference between a great project that’s successful and one that isn’t.

We have a whole team of world class writers here.

At this stage we’ve produced over 4000 projects and work with companies like IBM, Kaspersky Lab, Infor, HP etc to help them with their communication strategies.

Our process works like this:

Once the proposal is signed off, we start with copywriting.

We will send along a questionnaire that gathers some key info from you and then will have a call setup with the copywriter.

They will gather the info from you so we can write the script. Our process is a edit and approval process where we go from stage to stage to get approval at each stage.

So we will write the script and send it over to be viewed, approved or make edits needed. Once done, we move to animation where we use the copy to create the animation.

We will make a 20 second version to start with so you can see how it looks and feels and then again we can make any edits or changes until you’re happy and from there we move to the full blown rough draft version which again is sent over for approval or edits and once approved, we send along the finished version for you to download it in any format needed.

From the sounds of it, my recommendation would be a [insert advice here].

After this call, I will send along some examples, some recent client comments and a proposal for what I recommend we do which we can always update or change after you’ve had a chance to review it.

Ideally, I’d like to have a call to review the proposal either later this week or early next week, do you think we can do that Thursday at 2PM?

I can send along a calendar invite if that works.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak today. I will send along the email and other items shortly.”

[Hang up]