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DangerUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

  1. Bypass (ignore the junior or juniors normally in charge of the activity and handle it personally).

  2. Handle the situation and any danger in it.

  3. Assign the area where it had to be handled a Danger condition.

  4. Assign each individual connected with the Danger Condition a Personal Danger Condition and enforce and ensure that they follow the formula completely. And if they do not do so, do a full Ethics Investigation and take all actions indicated.

  5. Reorganize the activity so that the situation does not repeat

  6. Recommend any firm policy that will hereafter detect and/ or prevent the condition from recurring.

The senior executive present acts and acts according to the formula above.

A Danger Condition is normally assigned when:

  1. An Emergency Condition has continued too long.

  2. A statistic plunges downward very steeply.

  3. A senior executive suddenly finds himself or herself wearing the hat of the head of the activity because it is in trouble.