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CriticismsThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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If there is ever anything you don’t like, feel critical about or may have a consideration on (positive or negative), write it down and send it to the appropriate senior person for your area. DO NOT communicate it out loud and begin discussions with your colleagues about the topic. If you are unhappy about anything at all, the correct line is to write it down via email or physically on a despatch that you can send to the correct person to address it.

Understand that while you may have such thoughts or considerations, others most likely do not. Therefore, by communicating these feelings openly you are effectively working as a counter-intention to the group and hurting statistics overall. It’s fantastically unproductive and destructive. Don’t do it.

If it is discovered that this is being done by anyone within our group, it will result in a qual handling and depending on the seriousness of the situation, may result in a warning or termination. This can be entirely avoided by simply writing it down and communicating with the correct person within our company in the proper way so as not to disrupt or hurt the statistics of the group.