Conditions Handlings

Conditions Handlings

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Conditions HandlingsUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

One has to do the steps of a Condition Formula in order to improve one’s condition.

And those doingnesses, which will bing about a changed condition, will then be reflected in one’s statistics.

A communication I received from a staff member illustrates this perfectly.

This staff member had, for years, started each new week with a battle plan that encompassed the exact actions she had worked out to take on her post, in order to actually apply the steps of the formula for the condition she was in.

Whatever her condition at the end of the week, she did a weekly Conditions Formula write-up, worked out how she would apply the formula steps in relation to her post, and added those actions at the beginning of her battle plan. Other battle plan targets would also be included, but the weekly condition handling steps were always a part of it. This brought good results statisticwise.

When she ceased to do this and began simply battle planning needed actions without taking the condition into account, her application of the formulas on a routine basis also dropped out. The result was she suddenly found herself with crashed statistics and faced with post and production situations which needed resolving fast. And she experienced the phenomenon of feeling there was “no handling apparent” for the situation.

Of course, if one doesn’t do the steps to handle a condition (the formula), then one has “no handling” for the condition!

Needless to say, the staff member, upon spotting what had happened, resumed doing her weekly formula write-ups at once!

I think there may be staff members who don’t do any part of this. Aside from possibly not knowing what their stat is or what the org stat really is, they don’t finish their week by assigning it a condition and writing up the formula. And so, of course, they wind up not doing the handling for the condition they’re in.

There are undoubtedly some staff who think they don’t have to do so if it is not in a lower condition. Yet they are upsetting their higher conditions by not doing so.

There is a law that holds true in this universe whereby if one does not correctly designate the condition he is in and apply its formula to his activities or if he assigns and applies the wrong condition, then the following happens: He will inevitably drop one condition below the condition he is actually in. Thus, if one incorrectly says he is in Power and tries to apply that formula when he is actually in Non-Existence, he will inevitably drop to Liability. If one incorrectly states that he is in Normal when he is actually in Emergency, he will drop to Danger. Thus it is vital to accurately and honestly ascertain the condition one is in and apply that formula and actually do it. Otherwise one can go the route and drop down the conditions without ever understanding why. Whole nations do this and it is one of the reasons for the decline of civilizations. And while one is not a nation, one is still important enough to properly handle conditions.

And remember that it is not enough to do this as a simple administrative exercise; one actually has to do the formulas if he ever expects his conditions to improve.

The way to never be faced with post situations for which there seems to be “no handling” is to routinely and regularly ascertain and apply the Conditions Formulas to one’s post and activities.