What I Expect of You

What I Expect of You

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What I Expect of YouThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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A message from Richter's Founder & CEO, Robert Cornish:

Since I rarely get the chance to communicate what’s in my mind related to what I desire of our group and our people individually, I felt I should.

As a member of this group, I want you to know that you are part of the team. You made the cut to join our group and you now have every single person in this company as a teammate whom you are responsible for beyond just yourself. In other words, your job goes beyond just you.

Your role has an impact on the entire company, meaning your work carries a responsibility to every other member of our group. Just like any team sport, our team relies on every player playing to their fullest potential to achieve success.

As a Richter employee, here is what I expect of you:

  1. I expect you to come in on-time per our work schedule, to sit down once here and be prepared for the day.

  2. I expect you to have your condition actions and battle plan completely defined and worked out for the day and for the week with what needs to be done to get the products desired.

  3. I expect you to execute your battle plans and condition actions one at a time and one after the other.

  4. I expect you to be productive toward attaining your daily and weekly targets.

  5. When problems arise, I expect as the first course of action for you to address the problem in an intelligent way. Be smart, take initiative to work toward solving it or collect all of the data needed and possible solutions to be simply approved or disapproved by your senior or the executive over the area.

  6. I expect products.

  7. I expect that you push targets to a done to ensure your statistics are rising at the end of each week.

  8. I expect you to be productive, to solve problems and present possible solutions rather than deferring problems to the senior or executive in the area.

  9. I expect you to read policies related to the company and your position so you are knowledgeable about who we are, what we do and what you must do on your post to get the products related to your post.

  10. I expect you to study your hat pack and key references in the company that are vital to your post to increase your competence.

  11. I expect you to be smart, competent and a manager of one, meaning you manage your day, you manage your post and you work diligently toward getting products on your post daily and weekly.

  12. If a situation arises that you do not have an answer for, I expect you to find the policy letter or bulletin that applies to answer your question prior to going to a senior or an executive. If the policy letter does not exist, I expect you to send a note to me to suggest the policy letter is created and then I would expect you to attempt to solve the problem or situation. Then if needed work with the senior in the area to get it resolved.

  13. I expect you to operate like a team. Cooperate with your teammates and work hard to play your part to attain wins for our group.

  14. We have a very clear Goal and Basic Purpose as a company, I expect you to know them cold and work toward them daily. Keep them firmly in mind and know that what we do is important. What you do is important. You are not a cog in some giant wheel, you are a valuable and important player on our team. You made it on the team and we all value you. Our company improves our clients’ companies for the better which plays an impact on the economy which therefore helps improve economic conditions and helps our clients’ companies flourish and prosper.

  15. I expect you to take your position and role seriously while having fun doing what you do.

We work hard toward a fun, growing and opportunity filled environment and we want you to do well in it. This company is everyone’s group and everyone in it can and will flourish. All I ask is that you do what I expect and work as a team to pull off our goals and basic purpose so you fully contribute to expanding and growing our company. Thanks for being a part of our team and please feel welcome to communicate with me at any time if you need anything to help you succeed here.