Updating Linked Columns

Updating Linked Columns

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Updating Linked ColumnsHow to Use Monday.com
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Note: It is recommended that you read Monday.com and Database Structure before reading this article.

Throughout Richter's Monday.com account, there are columns which link to data on other boards.

For example, on the Sales Progress Board each pulse represents a potential sale. In each case, there is a main contact for that sale, but we don't show individual columns for every piece of contact data for that person as it would make the board too unwieldy.  

Instead, there is a column called "Contact" that links to the data on the Contacts board. When clicked, all the information about that contact is displayed.

Whenever you are updating a pulse on Monday that features a linked column, such as "company" or "contact", follow these steps:

1. Click within the cell of the linked column to bring up a search box.

2. Search to see if there is an existing record for the current pulse you're updating.

3. If there is an existing record that matches your search, click it to link this data to your current pulse.

4. If there is no matching record, click the blue "Add as new pulse" button. This will add a new pulse to the board from which the data is being linked.

For example, if linking to a "Company" record, this would add a new Company to the Company board.

5. Click the newly created link in the linked column to show the data about that company or contact.

6. Whether you've newly added the pulse, or have linked an existing one, fill out the data as thoroughly as you can.

Review the images below for a view of how this looks in practice.