The Sales Process

The Sales Process

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The Sales ProcessHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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The process of bringing a prospect from the beginning (reach) to the end (closed sale) could be called the “sales cycle”. Here is an overview of the 5 main stages of the cycle, with following material which will cover each in depth.These are:

The Discovery Call

When you are sent a new Reach, your first mission is to engage them on the phone. This first call is called the “discovery call” as it is where you discover all you need to know about this new potential client to tailor the perfect service and get the best result for them.

The Proposal Review Call

After a discovery call, typically the prospect is sent a proposal. The proposal review call is just that - a chance to go through the proposal step-by-step with the client, handling questions or concerns along the way. This is a very effective forum for the next step, “selling and handling”.

Selling & Handling

This constitutes the handling of objections or questions throughout the sales process. It is an art and a skill that comes about from knowing Richter’s services and delivery cold and really knowing that the prospect will benefit greatly from that service.


You need to ask for the close! If you don’t ask, often the prospect won’t bring it up on their own.

Closing & Logistics

You need to guide the cycle to completion. It requires no less intention and intensity than earlier steps and is a vital step. Remember, no matter what has been said you do not have a close until the signed contract has been received.

Follow Up

Follow up occurs at all parts of the sales cycle and simply means doing what is necessary to get into communication with a prospect in order to continue to move the cycle forward. No matter whether you’re trying to set up a discovery call, go over a proposal, get a final signed contract or anything else, you need to follow up relentlessly and perfectly to get a result.

The point is not to just go on “automatic” and do these steps mechanically. These are the 6 elements of selling successfully and any action you do will fall under one of the above categories.It is your job to master each one until you can move through and between them as needed with an artful, effortless and imaginative ease.