The Beingness of Richter

The Beingness of Richter

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The Beingness of RichterThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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It’s easy to get involved in the busyness and current tasks at hand and to lose sight of why we do what we do, who we are and what we are trying to attain. In other words, what are our core beliefs and what do we stand for? What are we trying to be? More specifically, how do we become what we are trying to be?

It’s important to know what we stand for and understand the purpose of what we do. It’s important to know because it’s the thing that drives us forward. It drives our performance. It drives our growth. It’s the life force of the company.

Every person on this planet is “being something” that defines who they are and how they operate and interact with the world. Well, it’s the same for a company and that “beingness” shapes the future of that company. It shapes the products and quality of that company and it drives that company’s expansion. When people know and understand the beingness and believe in it and are it, the company will flourish because everyone is on the same page and is acting and moving as one.

So, let’s dive into our very beingness as a group.

Our company was started on the premise of making other companies better. We have always been focused on creating a company that has a very clean exchange, meaning that our clients pay us for a service and we deliver more than they expected. Then, we deliver a service or product that will help their company expand and grow which we can measurably observe. We deeply care about this and truly feel that if we can improve our clients’ companies and help them grow through our efforts, we can become mission critical to their company. In other words, the outcome would be that our clients’ companies really become reliant on our group as a central element or strategy to their growth and expansion.

We believe that everything we touch will improve through its association with us. This means that we need to continually push our own performance and focus in everything we do. Our energy, thoughts and ideas fully applied will impact our clients’ companies to make them better. By helping our clients grow, we will grow.

What that means for our group is a better environment, high morale, a fun game and a high level of survival for everyone involved. We not only want our clients to grow and flourish but we expect our own people to grow and flourish. It’s important for you to do well. Having people that are not winning and not flourishing here at Richter is not ideal in any way for the individual or the group. Make it known to the correct people if you need help so we can ensure that you are on track, you are winning and prospering as part of the team.

Our beingness includes the following key points:


It’s very important to have fun in what we do. Be creative, make your position a game and enjoy what you do. If you aren’t having fun, make it known to your senior so you can get corrected in some way. There is probably something that needs to be corrected or you have taken a loss on something recently that we just need to remedy.

Have fun with what you do. When people are having fun, we perform better.


Be professional in everything you do. Remember that you represent Richter and we always want to operate in a professional manner whether that be in emails, phone calls or person. This is related to clients and the people who work here. Treat people with respect and work to set a professional example.


We expect that you will push your personal potential. We want you to grow. People are capable of so much and rarely do they push themselves to achieve what they actually can achieve. Make it important to you to push yourself to always try to attain your full potential. As you do this, you will grow and become better at everything you do.

If you don’t do this, you will shrink. So push yourself.


Take pride in your position and in your tasks. Care about yourself, the people around you and our clients to ensure that we are delivering what they need and want and that this care factor is expressed.

It goes a long way and people will easily pick up when you genuinely care about them.


Be focused on what you are doing. Don’t allow distractions. Every task that you are working on, focus on it relentlessly until it’s done. Keep yourself ultra-focused and you will get more done faster. Focus is a big part of success.


Work toward goals at all times. Do not allow yourself to lack goals. Set goals and work toward attaining them. We have company goals at all times which you can work toward but it’s also important to have personal goals that you are working to attain. Write them down and read them daily. Then work toward attaining them. Goals create games.


Have a purpose for what you do. Read the purpose of our company but also know your role and what you are doing and why. It’s critical to operate with a sense of purpose and to clearly know what that purpose is. Figure out your purpose and then remind yourself of it daily.


Make it important for you to perform. It’s vital. Always check yourself to ensure you are on track or beating your most recent results. Performance guarantees your survival and success in life. Demand performance from yourself and make it important on a personal level. You will always flourish if you push yourself to hustle and perform on your post.


Having a clear sense of ethics and keeping your own ethics tight as well as ensuring that others in the company do is critical to our success. Ethics will take you a long way and if you operate in a clean and ethical manner, it will serve you well over the long haul. So keep this in.

This should help you have a clear picture of the beingness of our group and the culture we have created.