Styles of Video

While our creative team is constantly developing new products, the basic styles of video we currently offer are as follows:


This is best for selling or demoing a product or service using visual aids, music and voiceover where animation can help show the viewer visually about the client's products or services.

See the links here for examples: 



Richter creates animated videos in many styles. In fact, there is no set way to categorize them all, but there are a few general categories that are important to know:

Text Animation

This is best for an emotional pitch using text on screen, really well written copy and aesthetic music that truly delivers the message to the viewer and gets them to reach. Text on screen is especially effective for trade shows and other live presentation where sound may or may not be included.

See the link here for examples: http://vimeopro.com/richter10point2/kinetic-text

Whiteboard Animation

This is best to demo as if using a whiteboard to help visually pitch the client's product or services.

See the link here for examples: http://vimeopro.com/richter10point2/whiteboard

Comic Animation

A specialized type of custom animation where an illustrator creates comic-style cartoons which are them animated.

See the link here for examples: 


Live Shoot

Richter's sister company, Richter Productions, can create live shoot videos of any scale and budget, all the way from a single videographer capturing interviews, to a full production with actors and an entire team on set.

See the links here for examples: 



High-end Animation

This type of high end, 3D animation looks incredible. Projects of this type are higher budget. They take lengthy, in-depth work and require custom quoting.

See the link here for examples: 



Another type of high-end, custom animation is called "CAD" (Computer Aided Design). This is used when a product must be reproduced perfectly in 3D, such as for technical demonstration purposes.

See the link here for examples: http://vimeopro.com/richter10point2/cad


For any of the above video types, we can translate into any language.

See the link here for examples: http://vimeopro.com/richter10point2/translations

Study these types of video so you have a clear understanding of what we sell and the difference between each. You have to know these very well and then be able to recommend them to clients based on what they may need or what you recommend they need.