Selling and Handling

Selling and Handling

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Selling and HandlingHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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Handling Objections is Critical 

To close deals, you need to get good at handling objections in a natural way. You have to be on your toes and always be ready with what to say and how to handle any objection that comes up otherwise the prospect is going to run the show and your chances of closing it will lesson. So, drill objections and name our every objection that could come up or does come up and work out how to handle it. Then, when the prospect says it, you are ready.

Addressing Considerations

A consideration is defined as, "a fact or a motive taken into account in deciding or judging something." 

This is often used amongst the sales team at Richter to mean "a reason not to buy, a hang up or thought preventing someone from closing immediately."

Prospects get considerations, it’s all part of it. It’s your job to get them to spit it out and handle whatever comes up. If a sales cycle is not moving, in other words, it’s not getting forward motion, the deal is stuck because the prospect has a consideration of some sort that has not been handled. You need to ask them if there is anything that is stopping them or holding the deal back or anything that you haven’t handled and then let them communicate what it is and then go to town to handle it