Script for a Successful Proposal Review Call

Script for a Successful Proposal Review Call

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Script for a Successful Proposal Review CallHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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Thanks for setting aside some time. Ok so what I want to do is just run you through the proposal and answer any questions that come up or you have already.

Have you had a chance to review the proposal? [If yes ask - Do you have any immediate questions] [if no say - Ok, I will run you through this]

So as you can see we handle every aspect from copywriting to animation to voiceover, music, editing to produce the finished project.

We have a full team here to handle every area.

The production director is going to project manage this from start to finish to take you through each stage.

As I mentioned on our earlier call, we have a streamlined approval/edit process so each stage is reviewed, edited and approved so we can continue to the next stage as we go to ensure you’re happy with each stage of the project.

Our current production schedule is about 30-45 days from when the project is started.

If we need to hit a deadline to get a project done sooner, we can, we just need to know about it so we can stamp it as “RUSH” and there’s a fee for a RUSH project.

Is there a specific deadline for this project? [note any deadline as this is a key urgency factor for moving the sale along]

Ok so the fee for what I recommend we do would be [dollar amount] - does this look in line with what you’d like to do?

Do you have any other questions about anything I haven’t covered?

Ok, is there anyone else that needs to approve this project or are you the one ultimately signing off on this?

[If it’s them say - Ok great, I will send a copy of this proposal over via EchoSign to be reviewed and e-signed when ready so we can get this into production]

[If it’s someone else say - Ok, who would need to review this and sign off? I will send a copy of the proposal over and I can call them to review it as well to make sure they’re happy and onboard with it and hopefully we can get this kicked off then.]

Thanks again for the time on the call, I look forward to working with you. 

[follow it up with an email to thank them]

[Hang Up]