Script for Selling and Handling

Script for Selling and Handling

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Script for Selling and HandlingHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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  • Send recent client comments from master success page

  • Send additional examples

  • Send live shoot with KnowBe4

  • Send video best practice guide link


Hi Name -

I know we’re close on getting this kicked off so I’m calling to see what’s needed from my end to get this approved and signed off so we can put this into production? [hold for them to answer]

[if you run into barriers or objections here, run through a series of questions to flesh out the barrier and handle it]

  • Ok, is the fee for this project in line with what you were thinking?

  • Great, are you ultimately the one that will be signing off on this or do we need to get approval from someone else as well?

  • Is there a deadline to have this done by?

  • Other than budget, are you happy with our work and capabilities?

Ok, I will send along a few other examples to show you some other ideas. I will also revise the proposal as discussed [this is an example] and re-send it to be reviewed and e-signed when ready.


[Once these questions are out of the way you should know if they are the power/decision maker, if the price is good and when the need it by. From here, handle whatever needs to be handled as needed and continue to push to the next stage - asking]

[Refer to the objection handlings here to be ready.]

[Hang Up]