Policy on Religious Discrimination

Policy on Religious Discrimination

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Policy on Religious DiscriminationThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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Richter is committed to providing a work atmosphere free from religious discrimination or harassment of any sort.

All employees should be aware that our company utilizes L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology in its daily operations and management, as well as the fact that L. Ron Hubbard is also the founder of the Scientology religion. While Mr. Hubbard’s Management Technology was originally developed for the administration of churches of Scientology, as used by the company it is wholly secular and has no connection to the Scientology religion. 

This management technology involves principles of organization, including the handling of personnel, finance, promotion, production, planning and organizational correction, among other things.

It is Richter’s policy that its management methods, as developed by Mr. Hubbard, are purely secular and intended for the smooth expansion of its business, and are not to be used by its staff or executives in an effort to convert persons to any particular religion. No one in the Company will be pressed to accept the Scientology religion, and no employee will be required in any way to attend any Scientology Church services.

Efforts to convert employees to any religion on Richter premises are prohibited. Richter offices are a place of work.

In addition, the company will not tolerate religious harassment of an employee by any other employee or supervisor for any reason. Such harassment may include, but is not limited to, negative comments about any person’s religion, derogatory slurs relating to any person’s religion, and religious proselytizing or preaching.

Any employee who is subject to offensive comments or conduct should tell the offending person that his or her behavior is unwelcome. However, if the employee is not comfortable advising the offending person or if that person does not immediately and completely end any offensive comments or conduct, the employee must report the matter to his or her senior immediately.

Any employee who believes he or she has experienced religious discrimination or harassment in violation of this policy should contact the Human Resources Director* immediately to report the behavior. Similarly, any employee who feels that any aspect of L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology is religious in nature should report that viewpoint to the CEO.

In response to every complaint, prompt investigatory actions will be taken and corrective and preventative actions implemented where necessary. No employee will ever be retaliated against for bringing their concerns forward.

Any employee who engages in conduct prohibited by this policy is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Nothing in this policy should be construed as violating a person’s freedom of religion or his or her right to choose to find out about or convert to any religion, or seek information about any religion, while on his or her own time