Leaving, Handling Of

Leaving, Handling Of

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Leaving, Handling OfThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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If you must leave for any reason (vacation, family, etc.) which will result in your post being left empty while you are gone, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A write-up of the actions and tasks that must be covered while you are gone. This will require some level of prediction. Review the current tasks and lay out what potentially could come up while you are away in a neat and defined task write-up.

  2. A person selected to cover your post. In other words, someone who will take responsibility for it while you are absent. The person must sign off on your CSW saying that they are going to take responsibility for your post. Should anything flap related to you being absent, both you and the person who signed off on the CSW taking responsibility for your post will be penalized. The purpose of this is that we don’t want anyone leaving in a disorganized fashion which then causes flaps for the company and potential loss of income.

  3. A detailed CSW with the above 2 items handled. The CSW must be approved by your senior and signed off.

Should you have to leave for any reason at all, please ensure that you look at all angles and be fully responsible for your post and avoid any possible flap. Write up the clearly defined tasks that need to be done while you are away, assign someone to be responsible for your post (who must agree to this and sign off on your CSW) and then create a CSW and get it approved. That is the protocol. Stick to it.