Closing and Logistics

Closing and Logistics

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Closing and LogisticsHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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Keep in mind that any deal that isn’t closed right this minute, is not fully sold. They may be partially sold but not fully sold. In other words, there’s more selling to do. 

You need to ensure that each prospect is 100% sold because if they were, it would be done right now. So work to get them fully sold and never buy when a prospect says that they are sold - sell all the way through until it’s done.

Script for Closing & Logistics

In this stage, it is a process of getting the proposal signed off, getting the invoice out to them and the payment form filled out, then doing the sale report to get the project over to production asap so we can produce the video.

You need to tightly control every step here to navigate the deal to close it. If this means you need to speak to finance/CFO to get OK’d and closed, do so. If this means you need to have the legal person review and Ok the proposal, do so. This stage is all about running tight control to get the paperwork signed, the invoice sent, the payment form executed and the deal done so the sale report can be sent to production and smoothly transferred over.

There’s no exact script for this stage, rather it’s usually just logistical barriers or objection handles that need to be used as they occur. So see the objection handlings to be ready at this stage.