Causative Sales

Causative Sales

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Causative SalesHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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Through hard won experience we have found some key senior data for sales. Sales is a game, much like a sport. You have to play to win and play from a competitive advantage. As long as you are absolutely sold on what you are selling and you are sold on the idea that the prospect actually needs it and will benefit from it then you can apply the below points aggressively to win more sales.

Here is the senior rule to know about sales:


Here are the ways to apply speed and control to increase the amount of deals closed:

1. Never deal with “vias”. In other words, don’t let a middle person on the sales cycle sell for you. Sometimes you are dealing with someone in the sale who is not powerful enough to make a decision and must go to their senior, boss or CEO, etc. Don’t let this occur.

If you are selling a via (middle person), control the cycle to set up a phone call or meeting that you attend where the via takes the proposal to the person responsible for making a decision so you have the opportunity to sell the deal right there, handle objections and close the deal.

If you allow the via to sell for you, there is a good chance the deal won’t happen. Don’t sell through vias; sell with them to the decision maker to control the cycle and make sure it is clearly sold, duplicated and closed. Selling through vias is sloppy.

2. Never allow a multi-topic meeting with your proposal to be “one” of the topics to discuss. If the prospect wants to have a multi-topic meeting to discuss the proposal and make a decision, divert the cycle to suggest an A to B phone call or meeting specifically about the proposal. Keep everyone on the same topic and simply address the points and answer all of the questions, objections etc. in one call or meeting.

This will save them time and you time, making this a much more effective and desirable method. Justify this with the prospect by saying something like:

“Meetings tend to deviate all around a lot of topics and it’s pretty common for questions to come up, which means we will need to meet or have a call anyway. This adds time for us both, so we have found it best to simply have a call dedicated to the one topic of the proposal for a fraction of the time where I can explain everything.”

The bottom line here is to keep the deal on track and in your control.

3. Never believe a prospect that says “next week”. There is NO next week, ever. “Next week” is a procrastination move and stall tactic employed by many prospects. In business, time is of the essence. Time is your enemy and speed is your friend. Make the cycle urgent and control and steer it to ensure whatever needs to happen, happens this week.

Your goal is to make a good deal today because next week (or tomorrow for that matter) never comes. If a prospect suggests next week, ask what happens next week and then propose an idea like:

“Tell you what, our CEO is in town this week and I’d like to get him to weigh in on this cycle. Can we have a call first thing Thursday morning with you and anyone that needs to be on the call to answer any and all questions in one fell swoop?”

Make the cycle urgent and put the control back in your court to get the cycle confronted and done. This alone will close more deals simply by taking the time out of the cycle.

Figure out how to control your sales cycles and apply speed to get deals done. The above three points will help you close more deals, faster.