Alternate Discovery Call Script

Alternate Discovery Call Script

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Alternate Discovery Call ScriptHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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“Hey _____________[name], it’s _________________[your name] from Richter. Thanks for taking a few minutes to speak.

So to start, I wanted to find out, if you already had an idea for what you want to do a video for.

In other words, what’s the goal of the video? Is it for sales? It’s important to start by establishing the goal for the video so we know what video will work best for what you need.

Ok, great. So you’re looking to use the video for sales. That’s perfect.

Our focus as an agency is to help our clients drive revenue and growth through using effective communication so when we approach creating a video, we focus on four main points:

  1. Goal - we focus on the goal first. Why do you want to do a video? What’s the purpose?

  2. Target Public - then, who’s the target public? Who are we communicating to? Who’s going to click play to watch this and why?

  3. Pain points, problems and challenges - What are the key problems or pain points that the target public is dealing with? What’s their motivation?

  4. Copy to create the message - then, what do we need to write to get their attention and to communicate directly with the target public.

Most companies write copy from the angle of the company. In other words, they write it from the viewpoint of why they’re great, how long they've been around, why you should do business with them.

We feel this is the wrong way to write copy and it doesn’t have a strong effect on the viewer of the video, your prospective client.

We write it to the target public, the viewer. What’s their problems? Why are they watching the video? What’s their pain points or what are they trying to solve?

The only thing that really matters to the target public is himself as funny as that may sound. So we write to cater to that. We then make sure we cut out any jargon or complex language to take a complex topic and make it simple so it truly communicates and gets the prospect to reach.

Our mission when we create a video is to get them to reach. In other words, we want them to call or email you after seeing the video to say, “we need to call this company...” that’s a successful video and this result comes from great copy and delivery of the message.

When creating the video, the process is simple. We have over a hundred videos in production at any one time which forces us to be efficient and organized so we have a streamlined approach.

Once you sign off on the proposal, we will send out a questionnaire that is written in a way to extrapolate what we need to write the copy. We then will have a call or email dialogue if needed to to ensure we collect everything we need.

From there, we write the rough draft of the copy and send that over to be edited or approved. This is key because copy is about 90% of the importance and success of a good video. You can then review it, suggest edits and then approve the final version.

Once approved, we will start production to make a 20 second glimpse to give you an idea for how the video is coming together.

Again, we can make edits and get your approval at which point we will create the full version rough draft for your edits and approval once again.

Once approved, we will send over the full version in whatever format you need.

The whole process takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. Do you have a deadline?

Ok so based on what we discussed, I’d recommend we create a _______________[recommended video] animated video and I’d recommend we do a _________________ [length] version which our fee is $_____________. 

(at this stage I handle any possible concern with price)

Here’s what I’ll do: I will create and send over a proposal for a _________________[video recommended] animated trailer as mentioned for you to review.

I’d also recommend we have a brief call tomorrow or the next day to review the proposal and I can answer any questions.

If you’re happy with everything, you can sign the proposal and send it back and I will get the process started in production asap.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak. If you need anything else, just call or email me.


[Hang up]