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AffluenceUsing Conditions at Richter
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By L. Ron Hubbard

The following formula is tailored to a financial affluence. If one is in Affluence in an area of action, one would apply the Action Affluence Formula, given on the next page.

1. Economize. 

Now the first thing you must do in Affluence is economize and then make very, very sure that you don’t buy anything that has any future commitment to it; don’t buy anything with any future commitments; don’t hire anybody with any future commitments—nothing. That is all part of that economy; clamp it down.

2. Pay every bill. 

Get every bill that you can possibly scrape up from anyplace, every penny you owe anywhere under the sun, moon and stars and pay them.

3. Invest the remainder in service facilities; make it more possible to deliver.

4. Discover what caused the condition of Affluence and strengthen it.