A note from the CEO

A note from the CEO

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A note from the CEOHow to Sell: The Richter Sales Process
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By Robert Cornish, CEO

This is my hat and how I sell from start to finish. While I don’t expect you to be robotic, I do expect you to know it cold and be competent, to know and be able to deliver every single element in here. If you can’t, practice until you can. Ensure you study it over and over until you're a pro.

Anytime you encounter a problem or a barrier, or you're bugged, you need to first come back to this hat and find the area that you need to re-study and then study it, drill it and make sure you are completely clear so you can apply it and use the material to close the sale. Your first course of action is not to simply ask what to do, it’s to get back to study and restudy until you handle your situation and use it to close your sales. This is the best method to become a competent sales professional. With this in mind, it may mean that you need to study this hat and the content within it many, many times.

This can feel repetitive but is well worth it over time. Commit to becoming the best and make a point to know everything in here.