We help B2B companies solve the sales journey from start to finish.

Our clients come to us because they need effective communication strategies that will help support their growth goals from internal training campaignsM&A Integration strategies, sequential sales campaignsstrategic relations, docu-series or full end to end enterprise programs that aggressively support growth initiatives along with anything in between.


We’ve worked with some of the largest and most prominent Fortune 1000 companies as well as some of the fastest growing Inc 5000 companies. We’ve worked with companies across the world and in nearly every language. 


We know that any agency can make content but our focus is to truly understand your audience and craft a communication strategy that speaks to that audience and forwards the sale. That’s what we’re known for and what we’ve spent 10,000 hours perfecting. 


We seek to be mission critical to our clients by building an ecosystem that supports the entire B2B sales journey from start to finish to meaningfully and measurably impact your revenue numbers. 

A few of our clients

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Robert Cornish

Founder & CEO

In 2008, Robert co-founded Richter with his partner Wil Seabrook. What started as a small scrappy agency has grown to become a multi-year fast growth Inc 5000 company with a client list that includes some of the largest tech related companies in the world. Robert's role is centered around forming the vision, driving growth, and improving the products and services that push Richter to become the world leader in our field.

Ben Folk

VP Sales

With a background in communications, social marketing and networking, Ben’s main focus is to assist clients in to achieving their goals through use of video. He fully subscribes to the idea that our bottom line should always be reflected by our clients’ bottom line. Outside of Richter, Ben is a baseball aficionado and published sportswriter.

Jessica Rounds

VP Production

Jessica started copywriting with Richter in 2012, writing hundreds of scripts before stepping into the role of Video Production Director in 2013. Now she works closely with our production team (copywriters, animators, videographers/video editors, voiceover artists, etc) as well as clients to ensure the process is a smooth one and results in an excellent video. As a resident of Bozeman, Montana, she spends her free time fly fishing the Yellowstone River, mountain biking local trails or skiing the Bridger Mountains.

Spencer Barnes

Qualifications Director

Originally from Australia, Spence moved to the States with his family in 2002. He joined the company as one of the very first employees in 2008 and has always been on the front lines of Richter’s developing services. He is a passionate follower of the Australian cricket team, an avid golfer and the lead singer in a rock band. Yes, golf and a rock band. Hey, it's good enough for Alice Cooper, right?


What Works Book

Two weeks into a recession, business partners Robert Cornish and Wil Seabrook started their company with two people, two laptops, a handshake, and an idea. They ignored the conventional wisdom that was burying their industry and forged their own path. Their mantra? "Do What Works." Only three years later, the company, Richter10.2 Media Group, attained million dollar revenues and over 300 percent growth in one year. Today, it is one of the fastest growing small businesses in America with more than fifty employees, and debt-free, having never borrowed a penny. What Works is the blueprint to Richter's success.



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