Ryan Hayes


Ryan is an integral part of the Richter animation team, from Sacramento, California. We were going to write a bio for him, but we’ll let him tell you about himself in his own words!

“I LOVE being a dad! It is hands down the most awesome and irritating thing I have ever done at the same time in my life. Outside of that I am an avid illustrator, I love cooking and creating new dishes, I play the drums and enjoy mixing electronic music, indulge in great cigars and bourbon, watch as many movies as I can, and when I Friday rolls around - I lose myself in the occasional video game.

Working at Richter, I love that there is no one in the way. When a script comes across my desk, It is just me and the client walking the path together until their project is complete. I get to build an actual relationship with my clients. This allows me to really feel the pulse of the client and exceed their expectations, while turning around projects in time frames that would make heads spin at other agencies; because at Richter I don’t have all the red tape and bureaucracy that other agencies have. Richter hires the most talented professionals, and trusts them to BE talented professionals - which in this industry is rare - and the Richter results speak for themselves.”

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