Natasha Manuel

Natasha Manuel

Account Representative

Natasha was born in Germany and came to the states when she was 2 yrs old. 

She has been an executive for 20 years. In those leadership roles, she helped grow a small organization in Louisiana from operating in a 7000 sq ft building to a 25k sq ft facility, generating 100s of thousands of dollars for expansion. 

When she landed at Richter, little did she know that she would find her place within a group of incredible, dynamic people who really care about delivering a superb product. Natasha thrives on honing in on just the right person who wants to work with us. She’s always gained the most in helping others excel and this slides right into reaching the ideal target audience who will grow and expand through our products. 

She loves helping others excel in life and reaching their full potential. 

And - she love dogs!

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