Jessica Rounds

VP Production

Jessica started copywriting with Richter in 2012, writing hundreds of scripts before stepping into the role of Video Production Director in 2013. Now she works closely with our production team (copywriters, animators, videographers/video editors, voiceover artists, etc) as well as clients to ensure the process is a smooth one and results in an excellent video. As a resident of Bozeman, Montana, she spends her free time fly fishing the Yellowstone River, mountain biking local trails or skiing the Bridger Mountains.

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Enthusiasm killer

Enthusiasm killer

Nothing kills enthusiasm like indecision. How many times has the thrill of a night out dwindled into a monotonous parade of restaurant su...

Two rules to killing it at Richter

Two rules to killing it at Richter

When I first started as a scriptwriter with Richter in 2012, I was told that there were two main rules to do my job well...

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