Ben	Folk

Ben Folk

VP Sales

While living in Seattle his whole life, Ben has continually improved his craft in the art of sales while also dodging raindrops. After obtaining a Master’s degree in philosophy from Colorado State University with a focus on ethics, Ben began working in sales ten years ago at Richter. Over that time, and in the crucible of sales, Ben has experienced significant personal development. Evolving from a salesperson who is focused on his commission, to one who instead operates from a sense of duty to his company, his clients, and his family.
When he’s not closing deals with Richter, Ben enjoys conducting sales seminars to share his passion for the sales process with others. Ben is also a lifelong fan of baseball, when he’s not writing blogs on the nuances of the game, he can be found volunteering with his wife throughout his community.

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Richter Achievement Badges

The Garcia Award
Star Player
Service Them Fully
Play The Long Game
Plan Long but Play for Today
Be Fast

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