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O’Neil worked with Richter to connect with their ideal Target Public.


As an industry leading product support solution provider, ONEIL has built a successful business by cultivating decades long relationships with some of the world’s most successful enterprises. They needed help consistently attracting and closing new clients of the same caliber.


ONEIL hired Richter and worked closely with their creative team to identify the ideal target public - the exact individuals at specific companies across a diverse range of industries - who were ideally suited for ONEIL’s product support solutions. Richter then created targeted creative assets as well as a precise messaging series designed to engage, enlighten and ultimately sell this ideal public on why ONEIL was the perfect solution provider for them.


Richter has consistently delivered enlightened, ideal sales prospects interested in phone calls and meetings with ONEIL. In just the first quarter of 2015, for example, Richter has delivered dozens of qualified reaches from manufacturing giants, all of whom have key contacts actively reaching for more information.

Richterians who worked on this project