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Key Joy


Key Joy International used Richter Strategic Relations to expand their American business.


Key Joy International is a specialist in custom cable assembly, with a large footprint in China. They came to Richter looking to expand their business in America.


As a first step, Richter performed a thorough evaluation of clientele to isolate the perfect Target Public for Key Joy’s services. From there, we created custom promotional assets to convey Key Joy’s capabilities in a concise and direct manner, as best suited to that Target Public. This material was used in conjunction with custom outreach messaging to generate Reach for Key Joy’s services.


The response was dramatic. In the first few months of working together, Richter provided a large number of ideal new sales prospects actively requesting quotes. As part of Richter’s consulting, we helped streamline and brand Key Joy’s sales process, removing barriers and expediting closed sales.

Richterians who worked on this project