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Camelback Web Architects


The team at Camelback Web Architects needed a way to simply convey their value proposition to potential clients.


Camelback Web Architects needed a solution that would allow them to easily explain their value proposition to prospective clients in a way that would facilitate new business and shorten the sales cycle.


Camelback enlisted Richter10.2 to help create a short “whiteboard” style video for their homepage that could clearly and quickly explain what they bring to the table in language their target audience would understand and appreciate.


Richter10.2 created this 2 minute video with the following result:

“The video you guys did for us was amazingly successful. Our orders actually increased from the very day we posted it on our website home page!

Our experience with Richter was great too. The online project tracking system you guys setup made it super easy for our team to follow the video production process and your team was a delight to work with. They were all very knowledgeable and helpful and made the experience very smooth and we are very satisfied. We give Richter 5 stars!”

Michael Wilson -CEO Camelback Web Architects

Richterians who worked on this project