Our Agency

Richter10.2 Media Group is a Strategic Relations Agency. Our methods and deliverables are unique in that we are strictly focused on making relationships with the exact Target Public that our client needs in order to strategically sell and increase revenue with companies that fully align with their products and/or services based on what is and has been successful for them.

Our focus is on making relationships for our clients that improve their sales, revenue and growth. We make introductions to the exact people with whom our clients want to establish relationships. We do what works to actually and measurably improve our clients’ sales and it starts from making relationships. The right relationships with the right people. We focus on simple, effective communication that builds strong interest and reach for our client’s products or services. No fluff. We’re paid to connect our clients and make relationship with the right people and then developing those relationships to augment our clients sales and growth efforts.

We know one thing and we know it well – communication that results in interest, reach and relationships that improve our client’s sales. That’s it. That’s all we care about. Improving our client’s sales through our methods. It’s what other agencies in advertising, marketing and PR are supposed to be doing but typically fail miserably in the attempt. We’re a new kind of agency altogether and we don’t compete in any way with other agencies or their methods.

Contact us to set up a discovery call to learn what Strategic Relations is and how it fits into your companies sales and growth strategy to keep you firmly ahead of the curve.